How We Keep Children Safe While They Learn During COVID-19

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As all of us do our part to stay safe through the COVID-19 pandemic, we know that many parents find it challenging to keep their children occupied and engaged at home. This is especially so for mums and dads who have to juggle working from home or head out to work as usual.

To support you and your family during this period, our preschool and early learning centres will remain open so that your child’s daily learning and discovery can go on.

We understand your concerns about keeping your children safe at our centres during this period. Rest assured, we have put in place a series of measures to ensure the safety and well-being of our children and educators.

Health and Safety Comes First

To minimise distractions and for the safety of our staff and children, we have made some changes to the flow and contact of visitors, both in and out of our centres.

During this period, access beyond the lobby area is limited to our staff and children so contact with visitors is limited. This means that you will drop off and pick up your children in the foyer.

Before entering our centres, all staff and children will need to go through health checks. We will also closely monitor your child’s health throughout the day with frequent temperature checks. Records for medication administration are tracked through the medication forms which are dated and filled out by our educators.

If a child’s temperature reading is above 38°C, we will notify his/her parents immediately. In this case, we would encourage parents to pick their child up from our centre, see a doctor, and then rest at home.

Additionally, all deliveries to our centres now involve as little contact as possible. As we limit the entry of delivery personnel at the lobby area, we will request for packages to be left outside for our centre to be picked up by our staff.

Above all these measures, all our staff, children and visitors will need to share their signed travel declarations with us as well.

Excursions and Learning Journeys

To minimise our children’s and educators’ exposure to public areas, we have put all excursions on hold until further notice.

Our educators will plan lessons and activities in our centres to keep your children engaged and curious as they explore the lesson themes that we have set for the rest of the year.

Learning and Practising Good Hygiene

There are many benefits of teaching children about good hygiene practices. Not only does this help to keep germs and viruses away, but it also helps the young ones to be aware of the things they can do to keep themselves and their belongings clean.

We have set up hand sanitising stations at all rooms in our centres, starting from the foyer. Our educators will lead through example by showing the children the right way to sanitise their hands as soon as they enter the centre and in between classroom activities. This also extends to handwashing as our educators introduce games and rhymes for proper handwashing to the children. It is through small steps like this that the children learn to weave these good habits into their daily routines.

We’re also putting extra resources to ensure that all rooms and frequently touched items and areas in our centres are cleaned more regularly. This includes door handles, light switches, tap handles and toilet buttons.

Keeping a Safe Distance

One of the ways to stay safe during this period is keep our distance from others as much as possible. With that, we have introduced measures to achieve social distancing in all our centres.

Apart from putting excursions on hold and limiting contact with delivery personnel, all our regular activities in the centres have been thoughtfully planned to allow educators and children to keep a safe distance from each other.

For example, the movements within our centres are kept minimal, and the groups formed for each activity are smaller. We have also changed the way food is served. Where possible, tables are placed further apart, with fewer children sitting at each table. We cut down on facilitating our children’s practise of self-help skills, as our educators set the tables and serve food for the children whilst wearing gloves and using tongs.

Finally, the beds and cots are separated as much as possible, and children may be placed to sleep in different rooms where that option is available. Children will also not share bedding and their sheets will either be sent home every day for laundering or be washed by our centre staff.

Our team of staff and educators have also adapted their routines to the current situation, as there is a limit on the number of people who can be in the staff room at the same time.

We’re Always Here for Your Child!

During this time of need, our centres are open to support you and your child.

Should you still need to go to work, our caring staff will take great care of your child while they learn in a fun and relaxed environment. We take extra care to ensure that all our children are safe at all times while they are at our MindChamps Early Learning and PreSchool centres.

For parents who decide to have their children stay home with them, we have prepared a comprehensive collection of home-based learning resources to help you bring that enriching MindChamps learning experience to your home.

Together, we will get through this!


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