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How well is your child reading and writing now?

Every literacy assessment is tailored to the child’s individual skills. That means we will assess your child thoroughly and show you and your child what can be done for immediate improvement. The assessment is done in a conducive environment – just like all our classes. Just come by with your child and we’ll take care of the rest.

What happens after the literacy assessment?
Once assessed, your child is placed in one of three programmes based on the assessment results. The programmes are:
What takes place during the literacy assessment?
MindChamps Literacy Assessment is one of the world’s most comprehensive and accurate measures of a child’s reading and writing ability. Backed by International Early Childhood Literacy experts, the MindChamps Literacy Assessment provides a clear profile of your child’s ability in the following 6 tasks:
  1. Writing Vocabulary
  2. Letter/Alphabetic Symbol Identification
  3. Hearing and Recording Sounds in Words
  4. Accuracy and Errors made when Reading Text
  5. Concepts about Books, Print, Letters and Words
  6. Understand and Read Most Frequently Occurring Words
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