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The MindChamps Reading Programme helps your child to master key reading skills and will also help develop a life-long love of reading. It also instils a champion mindset for confidence and higher order thinking, as well as developing narrative intelligence. This will help prepare your child to read within the Primary School environment and beyond. Building confidence is one of the key focus areas for developing your child into a skilled reader. This involves helping your child by

  • Generating interest and desire to read
    Through positive motivation, your child will develop genuine interest and excitement to read.
  • Developing Phonemic Awareness
    Word sounds are taught by blending graphemes and phonemes, as part of MindChamps’ formulated Integrated Phonics approach. This enables your child to understand the meaning and context of each word, so he/she becomes more confident in expressing him/herself.
  • Listening and reading comprehension
    Using an inquiry-based learning approach with written and oral comprehension techniques, your child will be able to boost his/her understanding of what is being read.
  • Regular feedback
    An intricate feedback system is obtained for your child through literacy assessments at the beginning and end of each programme. We provide a comprehensive assessment report and parent-teacher conference at the end of term 2 and term 4, along with regular communication and feedback on a weekly basis. As parents, you will be able to track how well your child is progressing and also serves as a motivational tool to encourage your child to achieve more.
  • Providing support for home learning
    Your child will be provided with eBooks, an agile tool that enables him/her to practice reading skills at home, developing phonemic awareness, listening skills and more in this highly interactive format. For parents, workshops are also conducted for you to learn the best strategies for supporting your child’s reading at home.
The Reading Programme is divided into 3 categories
  • Joey Programme
  • Panda Programme
  • Dolphin Programme

Term Dates & Schedule for 2020
Term 1: Tuesday 28th January 2020 to Monday to 6th April 2020
Term 2: Monday 27th April 2020 to Saturday 4th July 2020
Term 3: Monday 20th July 2020 to Saturday 26th September 2020
Term 4: Monday 12th October 2020 to Saturday 19th December 2020

What to do Next:

Before your child commences in the MindChamps Reading Program, we will conduct a complimentary Literacy Assessment to ensure that they are entering the Program at the right level. This free Literacy Assessment will assess your child thoroughly and show you and your child what can be done for immediate improvement. The assessment is done in a conducive environment – just like all our classes. Just come by with your child and we’ll take care of the rest. You will get tips & feedback on how to help your child at home or school too.

Joey Programme (Beginner Level)

The Joey Programme is all about giving your child the best foundation for reading. Like a Joey in a Kangaroo’s pouch, Joeys are introduced to literacy in a cosy, safe and happy way. In every lesson, Joeys will experience the four key essentials of language development – reading, pre-writing, speaking and listening. All lessons are presented using techniques that enable children to learn in the best way – multi-sensorial activities, creativity building and fun!

Joeys will learn to listen to their teacher, read rich literature and be led through a series of verbal comprehension questions to develop understanding and higher order thinking skills. They will also learn songs, rhymes and poems to develop strong phonemic awareness. Pre-writing activities include pattern making and preformation of letters.

Joeys are supported and nurtured as we lead them to discover the very best in educational and traditional English literature, so that their passion for reading is ignited.

Developmental Outcomes of the Joey Programme

The reading process in the Joey programme involves extensive exposure to high quality literature and modelling of reading strategies. Patterns and rhythms found in stories are introduced to the Joeys in an enjoyable and developmentally appropriate way. This lays the foundation of early literacy concepts and sets a research proven framework for future reading success.


At the end of the programme, Joeys will develop the following abilities:

  • Recognise letters and sounds of the alphabet
  • Develop comprehension skills through multi-sensorial experiences
  • Expand their use of spoken vocabulary
  • Tell and re-tell stories confidently
  • Write own name and 3 & 4 letter words (guided penmanship)
  • Understand the fundamental concepts about print, such as capital letters and some punctuation

Panda Programme (Intermediate Level)

Just like an excited and inquisitive Panda Cub, your child will be making new discoveries in literacy and will be keen to have lots of practice. We know that your child’s future learning success depends upon them developing the best strategies for reading and getting the right kind of practice. Every Panda Cub will be immersed in the English language by practising the 4 key essentials of language development – reading, writing, speaking and listening. Pandas will listen to a wide range of text formats, read stories by themselves, talk and write about what they have read. All of this is done with a range of fun activities that stimulate creativity and higher order thinking.

Modelling correct reading behaviour is crucial at this stage. This is why MindChamps teachers give the best examples for the Panda Cubs to learn from. Rest assured that Panda Cubs will expand their written and spoken vocabulary, receive solid phonics foundations and be exposed to new types and styles of text.

Developmental Outcomes of the Panda Programme

Panda Cubs will be actively involved in discussions – an activity that involves both oral (speaking) and receptive (listening) skill sets. Their inquisitive minds will be encouraged, so that they speak confidently and share experiences with their teachers and peers.

At the end of the programme, Panda Cubs will develop the following abilities:

  • Use extensive spoken vocabulary
  • Write about personal experiences using correct grammar and punctuation marks
  • Identify digraphs
  • Appreciate and narrate stories in their own words
  • Respond to questions and participate in discussion confidently
  • Develop strong comprehension skills

Dolphin Programme (Advanced Level)

Dolphin Calves are ready to take reading to a whole new level. Dolphins are growing braver and are taking more risks in their literacy journey. They will discover that language can be used for many purposes and presented in countless ways.

Dolphin Calves are always ready to practice the 4 key essentials of language development – reading, writing, speaking and listening. They are encouraged to express their ideas, thoughts and feelings verbally or in the written form. They are independent readers and will learn how to verbally express a connection between themes and ideas by relating to their own experiences.

Developmental Outcomes in the Dolphin Programme

The dolphin programme focusses on the Dolphin Calves’ ability to read books confidently with active understanding.


At the end of the programme, Dolphin Calves show abilities such as:

  • Read comprehension passages
  • Use correct punctuation marks, grammar structures, pronouns, conjunctions and adverbial phases
  • Pen down ideas, feelings and information
  • Compose own stories comprising of simple sentences
  • Read confidently with active understanding

8 Critical Aspects to Building a Strong Reader and Writer for Life!

8 Aspects of MindChamps Reading & Writing
8 Aspects of MindChamps Reading & Writing

After years of extensive research and development, MindChamps Reading establishes the love for reading in the early years. It engages both your child’s emotions and intellect, providing your child with essential learning tools to develop their literacy skills for an edge in primary school and beyond in work and life.

Experts worldwide agree that reading is a process involving a number of key skills – with proficiency in phonics being just one. MindChamps Reading & Writing develops in your child the following eight essential skills:

Actively engage your child to develop the love for reading and writing

If your child is actively engaged, he/she will enjoy the process of reading. This leads to the ability to read aloud with rich expression. If your child loves reading, he/she will, as a natural progression, love writing. Writing is more than just penmanship – it is about thinking, feeling and connection with the written world.

Developing your child’s non-passive understanding for effective learning

It is your child’s ability to actively understand and interact with words in all 4 areas of language: reading, writing, speaking and listening. This ability supports the development of his/her analytical and Higher Order Thinking Skills.

Nurturing your child’s logical thinking and intelligence

Narrative Intelligence is making sense logically through sequential understanding and unique ways to ask the right questions and generate innovative answers. MindChamps Reading & Writing builds your child’s Narrative Intelligence via Immersive Reading and Theatrical Strategies to develop Higher Order Thinking Skills. Theatrical strategies make words come alive and thus create ‘interaction’ with written content and knowledge.

Teaching your child to hear sounds in context for future mastery of the language

Phonemic Awareness is the ability to ‘hear’ and manipulate the individual sounds of the language – your child needs to hear these sounds in meaningful contexts, otherwise mastery will be difficult. Through meaningful reading activities, your child will become aware of words as individual entities. Also, he/she will have a sense of sounds and words while writing.

Help your child connect sounds to symbols with the unique MindChamps ‘Say & Sing Phonics’

Here at MindChamps Reading & Writing, we have developed a hybrid approach to cater to different learning styles. Our unique “Say & Sing Phonics” method helps your child master the connection between symbols and sounds (phonics) by experiencing their correlation in a meaningful context.

Familiarise your child with the natural flow of the language

Fluency is the ability to understand – and use – the natural flow and rhythm of the language. Children, especially those whose mother tongue is not English, need to hear and model good readers, not below par readers with unnatural pronunciation. Through engaging experiences, your child will be able to reach fluency and gain a steady momentum. Those experiences include the use of rhyme, rhythm, repetition and songs.

Build your child’s vocabulary through MindChamps’ extensive reading library

Vocabulary and having a vast number of words at one’s disposal – are vital attributes of the life-long reader. With the books available in MindChamps’ extensive Read-along Library, your child will learn vocabulary through stories, rhymes and alliteration, making the mastery of vocabulary easy and fun.

Cultivate your child’s understanding of how language is constructed

Structural Awareness is intuition in recognising how words in a sentence ‘fit together’. Through sharing conversations, stories, poems, songs and ideas verbally, your child will progressively assimilate how language is constructed, relating them to prior knowledge of what he/she has read.

MindChamps Interactive Phonics App

MindChamps Interactive Phonics
MindChamps Interactive Phonics

MindChamps ‘SAY & SING PHONICS', A Revolutionary Method in Learning Phonics

Research has shown that children learn better through music, such as intuitive and steady beat responses that enhance listening. This aids the learning of vocabulary, sound and pitch discrimination, draws emotional and creative responses committing them to memory.

Over S$3.5million had been devoted to research and development to produce MindChamps’ highly interactive eBook collection that will forever transform the way our children learn phonics and reading.

Let your child master phonics in a fascinating manner with MindChamps’ ‘Say and Sing Phonics’ in-class programmes and eBooks. MindChamps Reading is the sole programme that utilises specially crafted eBooks to deepen your child’s love for reading. At the same time, the experience cultivates strong bonding moments between you and your child at home through absorbing stories from eBooks that encompass a catchy song, an interactive reading/listening experience and the chance to play with integrated phonic activities.

The books used in the classroom are available on iPad/iPhone or Android apps, so that fun and learning can be enjoyed virtually anywhere, especially at home.

With ‘Say and Sing’ eBooks, the ability to enhance your child’s proficiency in reading lies in your hands!